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Congo Christmas – Dengue Diet

Beignet handmade for the children's party by Widows Catering behind our education center.

Beignet handmade for the children’s party by Widows Catering behind our education center.

There was concern among my family members about what could go wrong on my Congo Christmas trip: ebola, terrorists/rebels, malaria, war, etc. I was more concerned over what I would pack since I have put on weight. My husband helpfully suggested this gain would not be a concern for long.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said. “You’ll catch Dengue fever, lose thirty pounds in a week and fit in all your old clothes.”

Dengue fever, a tropical virus whose symptoms include fever, headache, muscle & joint pain (flu anybody?), is, like malaria, another mosquito borne pathogen. In a small percentage of cases Dengue can become hemorrhagic (ebola?) and thus more deadly. Dengue is a cousin of West Nile and yellow fever. With ebola symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle pain & nausea, and malaria symptoms such as fever, headache, nausea, folks who get sick in the Congo really have to be checked out by a doctor.

My trip turned out completely disease free and even better (link to future post), so I took several photos to show my husband that I choose a different course.

No Dengue Diet for me, darling. Nope, I spent twelve days on the Beignet Diet.


What are the widows making?

What are the widows making?

 Hand dropped beignets...

Hand dropped beignets…

…by the hundreds!

…by the hundreds!



Kristin King is an author and president of the non-profit Future Hope Africa, a small educational mission in east Congo. Recently returned from spending Christmas in the Congo, she is currently blogging about the experience.


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