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Are FB Ads Effective to Sell Indie Books?


Three weeks into a Facebook Ad Campaign I was completely up in the air about its efficacy. Did I get some new “Likes?” Yes. If they don’t translate into sales, though, the ad is like those Christmas lights we left on through the wee hours, wasted energy.

I followed the rules quite carefully. I’m marketing my vampire novel to fans of The Vampire Diaries, The Twilight Saga & Breaking Dawn. I narrowed the target to the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. My one mistake might have been focusing it on friends of friends connected to my page. That brought the pool down to 10K+ users.  My suggested bid for these folks’ attention? $1.17 – $1.61 per click. I bid a dollar which has resulted in me being charged $6.17 so far. The bump in sales covers that, though not well enough to put a smile on my face at the effort especially since there’s no way to connect those sales to the ad.

So now I’ve eliminated the friend-of-a-friend requirement. All else remains the same for targeted audience, but the pool jumps to 17+ million users.  The suggested cost/bid for clicks goes down considerably ($ 0.35 – 1.89), and I habitually low ball auction bids ($0.50).

Previous reach was 2K people with 4 “actions” and 8 “clicks.” I only pay when someone takes action, and I set a lifetime budget of $35. The campaign runs through the holiday season to January 2nd. From this point forward, though, the results will be tainted by a weekly re-tweet campaign I’m doing with a handful of other indie authors.

Are FB Ads Effective to Sell Indie Books?

For a single title, I say minimally to not at all based on my personal experience during the holiday season.


Kristin King is an author, publisher and US expat living in the Netherlands. Her top sellers are “Unsinkable Vampire” and “Cain’s Coven.”

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“That’s My Book She Wrote” RWA

The Romance Writers of America January Report was an instant must read for me. The article that caught my eye? “That’s My Book She Wrote!” by Erin Quinn and Kris Kennedy. What would they say about stolen inspiration, similarities in fiction and too much of the same?

See, I had a friend who wrote a vampire romance about 12 years ago. It had a love triangle, good and bad vamps, and old order group who lived in a little town in Italy my friend had visited numerous times and absolutely adored, Volterra. My friend didn’t get her book published, that didn’t stop her from feeling as if Stephanie Meyer stole her town in Italy (Images here). What sort of crazy coincidence is that?

Apparently, it’s the kind that happens every few minutes. It remind of me of the time I went to a writers critique group that never had vampire pieces except mine. That night there were three, and one of them even featured a blind a character, just like my new novel.

Or there was the time I finished my first novel and was doing edits, at which point I decided I was inspirationally safe enough to watch my first Vampire Diaries episode on TV, only to discover one of my vampire brothers shared the same name as one in the show. Rats! I spent a long time researching lore before choosing that daggone name. So what did I do? I went back to the drawing board (research from another angle) and changed it.

Now I refuse to read (or watch) whatever genre I’m currently writing. Changes may still need to be made, but I feel true to my story.

Thanks RWA for an in-depth article on this common phenomenon and to romance authors Quinn and Kennedy. I’m sure many share the relief and interest this piece inspired.

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Vampires, Zombies & Me (Preview)

Confession: I am a fan of the vampire genre be it written or filmed. Often, however, when I mention my interest among Christian friends, parents, pastors, I meet with surprised comments.  “Really?”  “Why?’  “How did that happen?”  I guess they don’t see their devout, Christian, homeschooling, PhD educated friend as the type.  Add to that the fact that I’m writing a vampire novel. . . well, it doesn’t always sit well.

So I thought I’d get on my soapbox and explain a bit.  My mind went off on a tangent with monster metaphors, so now I’m posting pieces from the original FB Note here for-the-record, so to speak.


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