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W is for West Berlin Refugee Camp

Refugees and immigration are top news stories these days. Last month when I wrote about “Refugees In My Town” that post generated the most buzz until I wrote “Bullies With Bombs.” If we live in moderate safety and comfort, we tend to forget that conflicts, wars, and natural disasters leave other people without safety, without a home, and without refuge.

In 1953 Irene Kucholick became a refugee. Accused of being a spy by the oppressive, high security state that took over her homeland, she fled East Germany as a 24-year-old nurse (Full story in her book, Survive Little Buddy). For many years after World War 2, refugees from the Soviet occupied areas were turned back. When Irene escaped, however, the refugee camps in West Berlin and West Germany were well established.

In her own words, this is a little insight into the refugee process as it was then.

Quite a bit more hardship than the refugees in Holland right now.

Coming up….X is for Crossing the Border.


Kristin King is the publisher of Survive Little Buddy, Irene Kucholick’s collection of memoirs spanning her life growing up under the rise of Hitler and the Nazis, through her years hidden as boy from the Soviet Russians, to her young adult nursing career and escape from the comrades. Kristin is also quite proud of her son who put the production aspects of the featured videos together. He is quite happy to be making real money on a job that doesn’t involve household cleaning products or yard equipment.


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Tis the Season Reading : FREE Christmas “Behind the Iron Curtain”

"Behind the Iron Curtain: My Years Hidden as a Boy" FREE here Amazon till Sunday.

“Behind the Iron Curtain: My Years Hidden as a Boy” FREE here Amazon till Sunday.

Today I am featuring a Christmas excerpt from the memoirs of an amazing woman. It’s Christmas 1945 behind the Iron Curtain in East Germany where the Russian Communists rule and send every scrap back to Russia. Here’s what Irene lived:

Fall passed and winter came. If we had not looked at the calendar we would not have known it was Christmas 1945. We had a few sacks of potatoes and very little else to keep us going, but the people in the city did not even have that. They were starving badly. Typhoid fever reached the epidemic stage even though everyone in the city was vaccinated.

I began scouting further from home in the hope of finding more food. With few rations available and money worthless, it took large sums to buy food in the black market. One pound of butter cost 200 Reichsmark, equivalent to fifty 1946 U.S. dollars.

Born in the same year as Anne Frank (who gave us 2 years of WWII), Irene Kucholick’s Iron Curtain Memoirs cover the whole war (Book 1), her 3 years spent hidden as a boy (Book 2), and her final escape to freedom from East to West Berlin (Book 3).

FREE through Sunday on Amazon is Book 2 of this incredible historical treasure. Why is it free? Because Irene needs 10 REVIEWS of this title on Amazon in order to qualify for affordable advertising. Give her your gift here, a read and review. Read the whole set in Iron Curtain Memoirs, the 3-in-1 book. There you’ll find out what Christmas was like before and during WWII as well as all the other incredible events of Irene’s life.


Before the Iron Curtain: My WWII Childhood

Behind the Iron Curtain: My Years Hidden As a Boy

Escape the Iron Curtain: My Journey to Freedom

Iron Curtain Memoirs (3-in-1 with photos, maps, and timeline not included elsewhere)


Kristin King is an author and publisher. Her top sellers are “Unsinkable Vampire” and “Cain’s Coven,” and her latest novel the Begotten Bloods Series is Death Taint. Her imprint Three Kings Publishing can be found here. Three Kings is a Mom & Pop publisher of Christian writers (not necessarily Christian books).

Contact Kristin King for more information on Irene Kucholick’s books or to book an event.

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